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I am oftentimes asked how I started my business, which is the story that I would like to share with you.

My dream was inspired by a mentorship program that I began for young women. Innovate 50/50 is a mentorship program, with the objective to increase their leadership, entrepreneurial/ business, financial literacy, government, and STEM related skills. My mentorship program and gender equality initiative features advocacy for women’s rights because we deserve equal opportunities. As we enter a new era for women, a direct call for action is needed. Society is filled with gender bias, and that includes our workplaces. If we work together we can dismiss these stereotypes and biases as well as empower women to seek advancement. I developed my business around doing such. Mentorship for this program is provided in various topics for young women who would like to be advised in entrepreneurship, leadership, government, STEM, and financial literacy. These topics were chosen because they were deemed important to women’s professional, personal, and economic growth. We may compose half of the workforce; however, we do not seek professional development at the same level of our male counterparts.

It was through the outset of this program that I decided to become a Coach and Consultant for women. Women have been employed in workplaces that have had rules and policies established by men. My mission is to be the Career and Confidence Coach that empowers women because I believe that we live in fear, discontent, uncertainty, and wait for others to direct our careers when we should be managing it ourselves. We can be corporate executives or at least think like one, if we dig deep and rid ourselves of the fears, doubts, and vulnerabilities that exist hidden inside. It is the negative and self-limiting thoughts that keep us from fulfilling our true potential and finding ultimate professional satisfaction.

In addition to my mentorship program and coaching, I also host a monthly Twitter chat called Innovate Women. Innovate Women discusses issues that affect women in the workplace, the business world, and social media and thrives on the mission of bringing people together in the hopes of shedding light on things that are affecting women together from various points of view and all walks of life both professionally and personally. Innovate Women has become a community of empowering women, advancing gender diversity, diversity and inclusion, and women in the workplace through our posts and discussions.

I would like my career to serve as an example and inspiration to other women. It is possible to follow your dreams and build a business or find a position that you deem meaningful and make an impact on the world around you.

Learn how you can work with Valerie Martinelli at Valerie is available to consult and develop innovative employee career coaching programs for your organization. She also offers exclusive one-on-one coaching for women who want to be more confident and strategic in their careers.

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Valerie, CEO of VMC, LLC. is a Business/Leadership Coach and HR/Management Corporate Consultant. Valerie is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and founded/hosts #InnovateWomen